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(Archived) magnifying once captured using clearly in windows


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I think this topic has been covered by many and I'm not aware of it being solved in Evernote yet. Firstly I think Evernote is world class (genius and a great addition to my life) and clearly is a great part of it being so. Now having said that I want more. My wish is having captured from the web using clearly I can then read it in the same format in Evernote. I keep reading the answer is on it's way but I think I'm correct in saying it hasn't arrived yet. I only write this as for window users I would like to offer up a temporary solution (I apologize to those who believe its a too obvious one) First go to start and type in magnifier then right click on magnifier and left click on pin to taskbar. This done you can click on magnifer on your taskbar and read whatever page you have open at a zoom level and when you want to revert back to normal you just press the windows key and escape on your keyboard. Not total satisfaction I know but I believe it is an improvement on what I had.


As I say I apologise if I have this wrong but I would be interested in any method of getting the desired result or if indeed Evernote already has the solution and I've missed it. thanks.

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Hi and thanks for the tip - I certainly tend to forget I have a built-in magnifier if I need one.  


I've manly tended to use the new clipper in Chrome lately - if you've not used it I recommend a trial;  there are a lot more bells and whistles than in other browsers.  When I do use Clearly I tend to want the 'plain text' version that Clearly saves,  but occasionally I've wanted the Clearly layout - so I've looked at the page with Clearly,  highlighted some or all of the content,  and then right-clicked and used 'save selection to Evernote' which preserves the layout.  Or at least it did last time I tried.   ;)


If you're finding that Clearly saves text that's too small to read comfortably in your normal display,  I'd recommend changing the display settings or changing the default font settings for the note.  (Evernote > Tools > Options > Note).



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Thank you to Gazumped as I wasn't aware of the new clipper in Chrome despite it being my browser of choice. Thanks to the advise given I now have an even greater love of Evernote. Also today was my first experience of the forum and I'll certainly be back to either improve my understanding of it or hopefully help others in the community.


Thanks once again.

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