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Enable javascript plugins to improve article scraping

Bram Heerink


Hi there, 


The webclipper does a good job. Often. It fails 1 on the 10 times trying to understand/grab the contents of a website. For example bbcgoodfood. Try clipping http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/pear-blue-cheese-walnut-sandwich-topper


I can imagine it's hard to scrape content of a website the clipper cannot know. But, isn't it possible (like the GreaseMonkey extension) to write plugins (in Javascript) to tell the clipper - how to - clip the contents of this specific website? Sure, this is a lot of work because you have to build a javascript plugin system into the webclipper but it would also create a community of plugin builders and has the potential to improve clipping to Evernote for all of us.







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