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(Archived) Warning & question re creating Photo notes on Pre

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So I decided to take a bunch of photos of my garden with the Pre's very nice camera so that I could create notes about which plants I have in which beds, etc. What I failed to remember was that the Pre doesn't have any way to control the resolution of photos yet, so Every shot I took added a few megs to my monthly upload amount and after 10 or so of these, I was almost at my limit! I still have a free account, although I'll probably pick up a paid one fairly soon. I still have another 9 days, so I'm giving myself a moratorium on photos for the time being, but if I have to upload one (or a file that's fairly large), then I'm upgrading this week. But thought everyone hear should bear this in mind as it's not obvious - my old WM let me control the res so I could take large numbers of shots without really having to worry about this.

Here's a question for folks at EN: Given the current lack of comparability of the Pre Camera, is there any way that you guys could do some custom processing of Pre images when they come in? Basically my thought would be to shrink them to 1MP or so, and decrease the jpeg quality so that instead of taking up 3+ MB per image, they only take up 500K or less? This would be a huge help. Being able to control this more precisely would be great, but just enabling/disabling a kind of best compromise solution of lower res and quality (but not TOO low) as above would be great. If this can't be done as a kind of interim solution until the Pre's camera gets more configurable, I think I'll have to be pretty sparing with my photo notes...

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We'd prefer not to solve this problem on the service after receiving the note ... this sets a precedent of changing the content you send us, which we try very hard to avoid. We're also already paying for the bandwidth and processing costs of these images, which is sort of the point of the upload allowance.

I think the real solution will be to fix this on the client app as soon as Palm fixes the WebOS APIs to permit us to talk to the camera directly from our application. When this is fixed, we hope to be able to give you more control over the images that are taken from the device. The current "take picture and email to Evernote" thing is a temporary workaround that we really want to discard as soon as technically possible.

Thanks for the feedback

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