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note disappears when allocating to notebook - a suggestion...



Assume I'm in Inbox and create a new note as it comes to mind. I then decide to give that note suitable tags and decide in which notebook it should finally reside rather than Inbox ...


The moment I change the notebook to something other than Inbox, the note vanishes (because I'm still in Inbox).


Is there a more convenient approach to this - I often want to stay in the note and make further changes even though I have decided to allocate it to the right notebook.  Currently I make the change and then have to go looking for the same note again so I can continue editing.


Am I missing something?

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You didn't say which Evernote client you're using: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web...


In the Windows client, you can open the note up in a separate window, and operate on it all you like. Ditto the Web client. Not sure about the Mac.

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