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(Archived) Windows Evernote Client Feature Request.


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Platform: Normal Windows Desktop Program


1. When I receive a email to my evernote email address, I have to go to my default notebook and drag the email into the notebook I want my emails to be in. I want a way to auto sort notes into specific notebooks. For example when Jlist@live.com sends a email to your evernote email, send it to "My Emails" notebook. 



2. When I drag a note from one notebook to another notebook, It barely highlights which notebook I'm going to drop it into. I need the notebook to highlight brightly so I know I'm dropping it into that. This was already set, until this new flat design mentality came into play.



3. For the top notch power users, which are also your best customers, you need to allow having nested folders in folders, in folders.


 I need a master folder called, "School"


Inside that I need a folder called "Current Classes"


Inside that folder I need to have several folders housing info from all my different classes.




4. In the left panel of evernote I see my long list of notebooks, and sub-notebooks. I have so many notebooks and sub-notebooks that it becomes hard to find when I want to drag somthing over to it or if I just want to find it. I suggest having a small checkbox sized box next to each notebook name, that can be colors any color you want. 


For example, my master notebook, called "Japan" and it's three sub-notebooks will all be orange.


My master notebook of "School" and it's sub-notebooks I will set to blue.


Gmail.com allows this already, and makes organizing email in folders a breeze. I don't even have to read, I just drop emails into the folder which color I associate with the folder.


*I've included a screenshot if this feature in gmail folders



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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Devs read these pages,  so your comments will be noted.  Just quickly on the points though - 


1    Sorting emails is already pretty comprehensively possible with IFTTT and the subject-line commands @notebook #tag !reminder

3    I've had bad experiences before saying "never going to happen" but Evernote have shown no previous sign that they will change the notebook (not folder) hierarchy.  

       Search the forums for endless discussion on this.

4    There are no 'sub notebooks' only Stacks and one idea of stacks is that by collapsing the stack you don't have to see the long list of notebooks within it.  
       You could maybe use fewer notebooks and more tags?  Or just use more stacks.


- However I do agree notebook colours would be good.

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