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How to re-share a notebook with my wife

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I created a notebook and shared it with my wife. She got SO excited that she clicked the "leave" button, and now she can't see my notebook any more.

I tried deleting and adding her access again, but that didn't work.

How can we get her access back again?

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Try creating a new notebook.  Delete the original share access,  then share the new one.  (If you're a Free user,  you're only allowed one share.)


If that works,  move the notes from the original notebook into this one.

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If you're a Free user,  you're only allowed one share.


Aha! Thanks for confirming my suspicions... I was getting concerned that the Notebook I'd managed to share might have come about via some loophole I'd stumbled upon. I'm an inveterate "fiddler", so this sort of thing happens from time to time.

Evernote got a glowing review in the UK Consumers Association monthly "Computing" magazine, but it failed to mention the "one free shared notebook" feature. It was that review which got me started with Evernote.


In my fiddling, I managed to re-instate my wife's access. I'm not certain what did the trick, but I suspect it was promoting Louise from "Modify" to "Modify and Invite". Having got this working, I'm not going to fiddle with it any more, unless I upgrade to Premium.

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...to be precise,  you're only allowed one share with editing priviledges - free users do get to share unlimited view-only notebooks!

I sort of knew that, but thanks for the clarification. 


My wife and I are somewhat insular, so in effect we potentially have two shared R/W notebooks between us. We have a Windows Home Server 2011 for most of our sharing needs (Utility bills, Bank statements, invoices/receipts, etc)


But Evernote is great for things that we want to share across our mobile phones (primarily shopping lists so far).

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