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(Archived) Request: Flash web clipping (I know it's tricky)

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I would really love it if EN was able to keep Flash widgets in web clippings. Here's why:

1) A lot of great reference material exists in Slideshare.net flash widgets.

2) A lot of great reference material exists in YouTube, Vimeo and other flash widgets.

3) There are a ton of excellent podcasts available as... flash widgets.

I don't care if you can index them for search or not, but to be able to capture and archive them (and add my own annotations via text in the note and/or tags) would help me so much. It might also encourage people to upgrade to premium.

Thanks for your consideration.

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For flash elements that display multimedia content (audio and video), the vast majority of them do not actually contain the content they're displaying (as in, it's not compiled into the SWF file that's embedded in the web page you're looking at). This is just the first of many reasons why trying to clip flash content to Evernote would be (in my humble developer opinion) prohibitively difficult.

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