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(Archived) How to create an audio note in Android app


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I can't work out how to create a voice note in the android app.

I clicked the microphone icon but got a text note with no sign of audio activity or controls. I couldn't find a save button, and when I cancelled the note, a 30kb audio clip appeared. It contained several seconds of utter silence, despite my ranting at the device...

Is there a "how to do simple stuff" anywhere?

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Hi - basic question first;  which device are you using and does it actually have a microphone?

Sorry... fired off my maiden post in a grey fuge of rage...

Initially, the note was created on a Win7 PC, within seconds of installing the Evernote .exe

Then I turned to the Galaxy S4 phone, installed the app, and found my note. I could see the icon from the note (the image that I pasted in the note) but displaying the note hung, then I got the message about the image problem.

The most telling aspect of this episode was that I couldn't display the Getting started note created by the installation!

However, after a few minutes, the problem cleared up by itself. See http://www.swiftys.org.uk/wiz?5

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OK - it was a dumb question,  but you never know...   ;)


Anyhoo - playing media files recorded on one device back on another tends to be a bit wearing on the nerves - Evernote seems to depend on whatever default audio devices you have installed,  and W7 and Android (AFAIK) don't have any audio standards in common.  W7 will use MP3 or WAV or something similar,  Android (of at least Samsung Android) uses 3GA.  Evernote should be looking for anything installed on your device to decode and play the recording,  but if there's nothing there that understands that file type then you'll get a resounding silence.


I use an external app to record on my phone to MP3 - there are plenty to choose from,  I picked one called "voice recorder". If I embed the resulting files in an Evernote,  they play fine on my W8 laptop.  I don't think I've tried the reverse operation yet (record in W8,  play on phone) - but I'd hope it will work;  no time to test at present,  but I'll have a look tomorrow for my own interest...

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