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Nozbe v1.9 adds Evernote Reminders sync


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Seems Nozbe added Evernote Reminders sync today in version 1.9. I'm curious at how their project sharing is now set up - apparently the people you share your projects with can participate without having to sign up for a Nozbe account themselves. Interesting and tempting. I'm giving it a one month trial - anyone else intrigued?


Nozbe 1.9 - share and stay alert to get your New Year's Resolutions done



  • Share projects with anyone with an email address - get people to help you accomplish your goals - and they don't have to sign up for Nozbe to work with you!
  • Push-notifications. Get notified on important dates and events and when someone delegates a task to you. This has been our most-requested feature and now it's there!
  • Integrate Evernote reminders - automagically manage your Evernote reminders in Nozbe and sync between these two apps!


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