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I just got a new Palm Pre, and that's brought me to Evernote as a new user. So far I really like your web and Mac clients.

I have a couple of questions about the Pre client -- I realize it's early days yet, so hopefully some of this is in the works.

1. I'm being prompted for my username/password every time I start EN. I see from another posting that this is a bug. Is there any known workaround? Also once I do log in, I sometimes get the "Welcome to Evernote, Loading..." for a long time; I basically have to give up by stopping the application.

2. When I log into EN, and then enter airplane mode, I can't bring up any of the notes. The note page launches, but only the title shows. Isn't the note content cached on the device? For this to work for me, I want to view my notes in areas with marginal data service.

3. I see that I can search EN by entering the EN application first, and then typing something. Very nice. Will it eventually be integrated into the universal search offered by the Pre OS? (I.e., I want to find notes by the search I execute from the "card view" level.)


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We don't have a workaround for #1 yet ... we're still investigating this, and don't see it often on our phones.

The application accesses our web service to retrieve your notes, so you can create but not view notes if you have no networking.

I'm not sure about Universal Search, but I'll pass this along to our Pre folks.

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I have yet to be able to access EN for my Pre because of the hanging at the "Loading" message after logging in.

Is it possible I'm just not entering the right account information and there happens instead of an error?

I'm very curious, because I just "found" EN and I'm excited to start using it.

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Mine EN in the Pre works, seems, it needs more memory than other apps. I need to close most of the apps for it to run good. May be the future version is less processor and memory demanding. Nevertheless, it is great to see EN comes in the Pre so quick. Thanks! Great job.

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