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How I use Evernote with HP E-Print


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I've been using Evernote for a few weeks now, going from a curious passer-by to a burgeoning power-user pretty quickly. I'm constantly surprised by the ways one can integrate other services, even ones that are not technically supported, with the Evernote suite. This is my biggest example, and I encourage others to give it a try!


I bought a new printer a few days ago, an HP Envy 4500. I bought it exclusively to scan files into Evernote. Well, I came to find out that this printer (and most new HP Printers) have this service called E-Print. Basically, your printer gets its own e-mail address and, if someone sends it an e-mail with an attachment, the printer automatically prints it. I thought that was pretty nifty in and of itself, but then I realized that Evernote also gives you an e-mail address, and immediately set out to find a way to integrate the two services. Here's how I set it up:

  1. Install the "Scan to E-Mail" app on your E-Print capable HP Printer. This is located on the HP E-Print website. 
  2. Set up your printer's email address within the HP E-Print website, after setting up your printer and connecting it to a wi-fi network.
  3. Enter your Evernote's email address into your HP Printer after accessing the Scan to E-Mail app.
  4. Enter your printer's email address into Evernote for later use. 

And this is how I've begun to use it. I figure it will have a lot of use in a business setting, so I figured I'd post it!

  • Scanning files directly into Evernote to be tagged and sorted later.
  • Sending notes to the printer via E-Mail, from any location (if using mobile app).
  • Sending Evernote's reminder e-mails directly to the printer, allowing for itineraries, schedules, and other documents to be printed automatically.

If anyone has an ideas of ways in which we can use Evernote and HP E-Print apps together, please post them in the comments! If there's good ideas, I'll update this post with them so everyone can find them easily!


I'm nerding out hardcore over here, haha.

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Cool stuff, connecting it all together. :)


I am curious: how did you get the "Scan to evernote" via email to work? I bought an Officejet 6600 recently, and I'm trying to get this to work. I've added the evernote email address to the eprint Scan-to-mail app. Eprint sent me an confirmation code, which I received in Evernote correctly. But scanned documents aren't received in Evernote, they just don't arrive... :( Scanning to my normal email address workt fine, though, and forwarding mails to evernote works as well... But direct mail from eprint to evernote just doesn't arrive.....

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Thanks guys for your insightful comments!


I am facing the same challenges as Carmiel even though mine is worse! I just don't seem to receive the activation code/PIN sent from HP Scan to email app to Evernote which will enable me to fully activate direct scanning to Evernote. I have searched my inbox severally to no avail. I have also fiddled endlessly in my account page in HP eprinter website. I need urgent help about this important step. Cheers

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GUYS & GALS....help!

I just got HP ENVY 7640 and I cannot scan direct into EN!!!!!

The problems I seem to have are

1. The printer has built in scan to email and REQUIRES that it sends a PIN to the receiving email (EG Evernote) but I cannot get the pin from within Evernote email that HP sends - it does not appear in EN (my inbox notebook)!

2. I feel like an idiot because I cannot find a download for the HP application Scan to email where users seem to be able to simply add a list of email recipients and BINGO! HP didn't help --- they installed the app on my ptr for me but again it asks for a PIN!

Any suggestions welcome


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Hello Hypernoter, I just bought the same printer (HP Envy 4500) but when I try to install the Scan to Email App in the Print Center it says that App is not available for this printer. Would you please tell me how did you installed it?

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Hey Hypernoter. I just got my HP 8610 and set it up similar to how you did! I know this is a year old, but had something you may like. In your printer settings you could set up the subject of the email to be something like: Scanned Document @Notebook #scan


This will give the note the title "Scanned Document", place it in the notebook "Notebook" (or whatever notebook you choose), and give it the tag "scan" (or whatever tag you choose). I have all mine going into my main notebook with a "scan" tag so that I can easily filter them and further file them when i'm in evernote. 


Thought you might enjoy. 


Any other tips from people on this? 

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Rather than emailing, I use the "Scan to Network Folder" (from my HP 8600 all-in-one printer).  First, I created a folder on my computer called "Add to Evernote".  Then I set up Evernote to automatically ingest whatever's in the Add to Evernote folder (Tools/Import Folders...).  Then I simply Scan to Network Folder from my HP 8600.  No messing with email addresses (either E'note's email address nor the HP ePrint email address).

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