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So I started using Penultimate. It's great, but there's just one problem. When I go see the notes in Evernote (and Save As...) the resolution is really low. Zoomed in letters are pixelated. I thought maybe that was just the resolution and maybe my eyes were tricking me on my iPad, but I exported the note to the camera roll and it was a million times clearer. I assumed this is because my iPad has a retina display, but this makes no sense. If Evernote stores the pages in a low (non-retina) resolution they should also be pixelized when I zoom in on my iPad (I checked, they aren't). And if they store them in high resolution, why are they low resolution on my account (Web and PC). It's like EN exports a lower resolution size to your account (possible to save space), but why aren't the high resolutions available too. Or does EN not back those up, and they're just on the iPad? Or...are the strokes vectors or something?


The workaround is exporting each note to the camera roll (PDF exports low resolution too), but I shouldn't have to. It's a dozen extra steps instead of a simple sync then saving the notes I want..


I was thinking of contacting support, but I thought this was more of a problem for the forums since I don't think it's a bug/error.

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I would agree this is a bit annoying, but I think it's intentional. Synchronizing an entire notebook at high resolution would be hard on the bandwidth, even for premium users. Still, would be nice to have the full resolution option. I suspect the entire notebook gets synchronized each time, not just the edited pages. Might be wrong about that.

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