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(Archived) Map Co-ordinates


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I'm trying to enter co-ordinates from Google Maps into Evernote, trouble is Google Maps is degress and minutes (which is what I would expect), but Evernote is in decimal format.


If I transpose the exact same figures from Google, take out the degrees and minutes and replace with a decimal point I end up a few miles away.


Is there a way (or formula) of converting degrees and minutes into decimal? 

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Go to Onlineconversion.com (then select mapping), they have a calculator to do just that.


Wow! That is a great site. I used to rely on Google for my conversions.

I saved Onlineconversion.com to my Evernote reference notebook.


You can actually convert Kinematic Viscosity in centistokes to centimeters squared per day.

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Good conversion tool, but 1) the description (of the co-ordinates doesn't change (in Evernote)), and 2) when I click on "view on Map", it opens up Google maps, which doesn't recognise the decimal notation; I just get a display of the USA!

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Maybe this will help.  If I find a location in Google Maps that I want to add to a note.

  • Right click on location (in google maps), select "whats here?". It will give Lat/Long, in decimal format, in the search bar.
  • Copy it (ctrl c).
  • Select the note in Evernote that I want to add a location
  • Go to "note info"
  • "click to set location"
  • Select "enter manually"
  • Paste coordinates (ctrl v)

Hope that helps!

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