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Where is my Evernote Data stored locally on my computer?

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I'm am trying to find my Evernote data that is stored on my MacBook Air (so I can put it into an encrypted sparse bundle disk image). I have searched all over, but cannot find it. The most common instructions that I have found:


  • If you downloaded directly it's in user/library/application support/evernote
  • If you downloaded from the app store it's here ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote


However, my "User" folder does not have a "Library" folder.

The "Library" folder sits parallel to my "User" folder.

When I go to Library/application support, there is no file or folder labeled "evernote."

I've done a search for "com.evernote" on my HD and nothing comes up.


So, is my evernote data even on my computer? If it is, where is it?

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I'm using OS X. I've tried that. As I mentioned above, when I click on User, then my Username, there is NO library folder.

There you go.Sorry,I've had mine viewable for a long time,I thought most people playing with files would already be familiar with this.
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