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ios Penultimate and Adonit Jot...

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I got the Adonit Jot.  I go to a LOT of meetings.  Constantly losing paper.  Notebooks are a pain to share.  Gotta go and scan everything in, etc.  I am looking for a clean solution to help me keep handwritten notes in Evernote.


I read the reviews on Penultimate with the Jot before I bought and really didn't think that it could be that bad.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  <RANT>


Evernote:  Penultimate with the Jot is embarrassing.  Dropped letters, wrist protection that is spotty at best, very poor annotation functioning (would a highlighter have killed you?), the list goes on.  However, the handwriting experience is the worst.  The graphic lags, letters get dropped, and I can scarcely read my own writing.  


I jumped to Note Shelf -- wow, what a difference.  If this had robust, automatic, Evernote sync, I wouldn't be complaining here -- I'd be using their software.  However, I'd like better sync.  Penultimate has that sync, but the rest is just plain awful. Not what I expect from this company...  </RANT>

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I contacted Noteshelf to ask about the status of adding synch. They said they're planning on doing it but won't commit to a date. Asked me to please be patient. Only thing that keeps Noteshelf from being perfect, IMHO.

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