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Watch Folder feature for Evernote Mac

Joel Nisson


I know a Folder Watch feature for the Mac version has been requested in the past, but as a new Evernote user, I would like to add my voice to that request.


I have a folder containing lots of small text files that are generated and modified by another note-taking program.  It would be great to have all those small text files loaded into EN as notes and then modified/added/deleted as the Watch Folder changes.



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It would definitely be nice to have the watch folder functionality in the Mac like as it exists in Windows. You can pretty easily make your own (http://www.documentsnap.com/evernote-mac-import-folder/), but having it update/delete based on content is a different story.

The Windows client does not have update capabilities. If you overwrite an existing document in an Evernote import folder, you will get a new note, not an update to the note that contains the old copy.

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