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(Archived) Evernote doesn't detect my microphone

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Hey guys, I love the program but for the life of me I just can't seem to get Evernote and my microphone to get along.


This is how it looks from my end:




As you can see, my computer detects the mic just fine. It works for Skype, Evernote not so much. Anyone got any ideas to help me?

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Hmmn - I'd suggest a support ticket (see below) to report the problem,  including your OS and details of your computer and the mic (if its not an standard item).  There aren't any settings I'm aware of to force the app to recognise a specific input - if it's an accessory you should try different microphones if you can - see if this device-blindness is item specific or just generic.  If the latter an uninstall / reinstall may help...

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Hello David Bowie,


I may be able to help with your sound check...


It looks like you are using a generic device driver for the Mic (based on the screenshot),  If is is a brand name mic, or part of a headset, the manufacturer most likely has a driver specific for the device, rather than the generic Microsoft driver.


If you uninstall and then resinstall with the manufacturer's driver and is still does not work, please do open a support ticket, we can take a deeper-dive look


Thanks ~TXJAVA

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