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(Archived) Two View Panels

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Hi all

I wonder if it is possible to have two view panes open ( w/ two note lists would be nice )

I need to browse old notes whilst creating new ones. Also some possible cutting and pasting between required

suppose it isn't possible to have two clients running on same computers (preferably not the webbrowser)?

Mac or Windows

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i thought i would expand on what i am trying to do.

i have a lot of diagrams in evernote and i would like to browse through them and make new notes at the same time.

I thought this was a logical process/requirement, but seems not.

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When I have to do this (in Windows), I create a new note, and then double-click on its header to make it an out-of-tape note. Move it over so I can see both EN and the note and then scroll in EN to my heart's content.

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Supernova - you should state which client you're using, and ideally post on the relevant forum here for Windows or Mac.

In either client, you can double-click to open an individual note in its own window, but the place you're clicking varies, etc.

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Hi , i did windows or Mac, i can use either and i didn't wont to double post posting in windows section and them mac section.

Yeah opening a note in its own window doesn't really help because i cant scroll and i'll keep loosing my place on each new note.

if i could open a new note in a individual open window by shortcut key that would really help, as long as the view panel position doesn't change.

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On the Mac, you can use: File > New Evernote Window

this will open a second "main" Evernote window, so you can see different sets of notes side by side.

The Windows client doesn't currently have a way to show two "main" windows at the same time.

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