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(Archived) Cannot open image with photoshop


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So if I take an image with evernote on my android, I cannot open it in photoshop back on windows.

I both took pictures with the camera app and added them as attachments, and also took pictures within the app.

If I add an image in windows, I can open it with photoshop.




None of the images have file extensions, but if I open one I added in windows to photoshop, it creates a file with an extension.


What do I do to fix this, or at least provide useful information so someone else can figure out what is going on?



If it matters:

Windows 7, evernote version:

Android is running CM10.2.0-i6300, android 4.3.1

Can't find the evernote version in android.


Looks like there is an option to send device logs on the android, but I assume I need an actual support request for that, which is the next step nobody here can help.





I'll just go file a support ticket or whatever.

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It's a known issue,  under review at the moment;  if you right-click a photo in Windows you may be able to choose 'open with' to assign to Photoshop,  otherwise you can copy and paste into an application.  Once you have edited,  use copy and paste to 'drop' the image back into the note.

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