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(Archived) Email a link to a note for integration with to-do apps?

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I'm a big fan of GTD time management; and Evernote makes just about the perfect GTD collection tool. I love all the options for capturing thoughts as they occur to me. I put them all into a folder called "Inbox" for future processing.

When it comes to processing my Inbox, many of the notes I've captured drive actions that I need to capture in my task manager. I use Toodledo for task management. Like Evernote, Toodledo assigns a unique eMail address that you can use to create a new item. When I'm processing my Evernote Inbox, I'd like to be able to email my Toodledo account to create a task from the note. But I don't want to email the whole note...I'd really like to just email a link to the note so that I'm not duplicating data.

Is there a simple way to email a link to a particular note? If not, it would be a really useful feature, especially in the mobile apps where it's not possible to just copy and paste the link from Evernote to Toodledo. I imagine something simple like a checkbox when you email a note asking whether you want to just send a link (vs. sending the content).

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