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(Archived) Android Widget showing only reminders?

Emilien Klein

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I was wondering if there existed a widget for Android (either on the home screen or lock screen) that would display all the reminders for today or the past (only unfinished).

I use Evernote as part of my GTD-based system, and use reminders to indicate when I think I can get to a specific task.


Having the list of current tasks visible on the home screen would make it easier to see what's up for that day, without having to go into Evernote itself.


Thanks for letting me know.


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There is an Android large widget that shows reminders / notes / notebooks / tags / searches with various options.  AFAIK it will not show just the current or past ones - you get all or nothing;  but it might be useful for you...

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The widget will show the result of a saved search, so you may be able to work out a search that isolates the notes you want to see using, say, the remindertime: search term, if you can get it to work. I can't say that I've mastered that one yet, but maybe I'll dig around a little to see if I can figure it out. theoretically, a search of "remindertime:day -remindertime:day+1" should work to isolate all reminder notes with a due date of today, and "remindertime:day+1 -remindertime:day+2" should give tomorrows reminders, but the search implementations seems to be finicky / inconsistent on different clients.

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I'm running Android 4.2.2 (CyanogenMod 10.1.3) on my Samsung Galaxy SII, and have Evernote version 5.7 installed from the Play store.

The only Evernote-related widget that I have is the Evernote shortcut, which adds a link to a specific note on the home screen.


I'm not sure how to get this "large widget" that would show me the results of a saved search.

How do you get access to it? It's not in the list of widgets (that appears after the list of all installed applications)...

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Indeed,  found it.


Adding the large widget and configuring it to show my reminders will show reminders (sorted on date, that's fine), and 3 notes at a time. But it shows all the reminders, without telling which dates the reminders are. For my use case, it's not that helpful.


But, the Evernote List widget that comes with this new application is exactly what I was looking for:

If configured to show the reminders, it creates a vertical list of only the active reminders (due today or in the past), and shows the date of the reminder. Brilliant!


Thanks @gazumped and @jefito for your help.

Link for those that would also search for it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote.widget

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