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Can't open pages from Evernote

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Does anyone know if the problem with new pages has been sorted out?

I write a doc/ letter using the new pages on my iMac.

I open the Evernote app on the iMac ( running mavericks )

Drag the pages file into my Evernote account. The file is shown.


When I open the same file on my ipad or iphone it only opens as a zip file which just keeps loading. I can't see the file.

All software is up to date.

Please help me!

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(I am one of the MANY users who will NOT use Yosemite even on a new machine, because the system font is hardly readable and the whole thing seems to be targeted to 12 year olds. Neither am I using iCloud.)


So: While all seems OK again for Yosemite and Pages 5.5, the issue remains with Mavericks and Pages 5.2.2. All files will only show without inline preview and as ZIP files.


As a premium user, I'd be very happy if you resolve the issue by overlaying a preview picture as in the earlier Pages versions. Sadly, I rely on Evernote for my teaching ...

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