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(Archived) Solutions to the pop-up ad for Shared Notes


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I stopped using the Evernote Share feature with my business colleagues due to the unfavorable reaction caused by the current Evernote pop-up instructions.

Yes, there is a small and non-descriptive "skip" in the lower right corner, but some colleagues and customers just give up and close the window rather than risk the possibility of an automatic installation (malware concerns).

Even though I am a premium user, I was not able to turn off the pop-up instructions that accompanied all my sent Shared Notes.

So I contacted Evernote Support and they confirmed the intrusive pop-up cannot be turned off.

"I apologize for this inconvenience. I understand how this could be frustrating. Unfortunately right now I can only forward this feedback to our Development Team for potential consideration. This window cannot be disabled."

"I hope this helps! Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any further feedback. Thanks for using Evernote and have a wonderful day!"


Rather than just sit back and gripe, I did some free consulting work for Evernote and found some alternative solutions.

And one of the solutions is already in use by Evernote!

The current situation

A better solution (already used by Evernote)

An even better solution used by Flickr

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This advertising-popups suggest to my partners that I am using a shareware-tool but I have not paid for it.


Many shareware-tools are giving full functionality but they are forcing watermaks into their end-products to show all others that the user has not paid for this software. As soon as the user buys this software the watermarks are removed.


This popups here are similar to this watermarks and let me look like a person who is using unlicensed or somehow limited software. This is not good for my image and makes the function useless for me.


I hope this will be changed in the future because I have used sharing of notes from time to time.

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