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How do you undo when logged into the web?

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I could not find a way to UNDO on the web.  But the changes I had were minor so I immediately (and without touching the WEB computer other than by flippinf off the WiFi card). I went to my phone and put in AIRPLANE MODE and then started Evernote: change made some changes and save.  Did this again 5 minutes later then place everything back into the network (WiFi ON. AIRPLANE mode OFF) then when I resync it gave me a conflict error I removed the "screwed up" note.


But yes, it is hard to believe that a software with so many revisions and in 2014 does not have UNDO.  I do not care if there is UNDO on certain versions.  This alone have made me look for another program IMMEDIATELY.  I do not need to find out what other obvious feature is missing when I need it.

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When making changes on the web version of Evernote it would be a good idea to make a temporary backup copy of the original note so that any major mistakes can be rectified.  It's generally better to make changes on the Desktop version,  and it's much better to edit in a word processor and attach the file or copy/ paste the content into another note.  Evernote are (I believe) looking at Editor features as we speak,  so more improvements may be on the way soon.

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sadly, I learned about no 'undo' in the Web version after deleting an irreproducible scan.  Could Evernote at least include that in the editing user guide?


Did anyone point out you can restore content from Note History if it's been present in a note for a few hours...?

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Hey y'all,


You should be able to use Command + Z to undo an action on the web. I'm able to successfully do this to both plain text and attachments in notes on Firefox, Chrome and Safari for Mac. The only time this won't be available is if another action is done after the content is deleted (for instance, moving to another note). If you aren't able to utilize the undo function on www.evernote.com, please open a support ticket and let us know what version of the Mac OSX you're on, as well as which web browser you're using and what version of the web browser you're running. You can open a support ticket at https://evernote.com/contact/support/ticket/

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