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(Archived) Import Palm Memos for Pre

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I'm looking for a way to import Palm Desktop/Treo memos into Evernote. I saw instructions for doing each memo manually but I have over 400, need something better. I also have the memos sync'd to Yahoo notepad if there is a way to transfer that way.

Hope someone can figure out a way. There is no migration of Palm memos to Pre that anyone has found.

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Looking for same. I'm actually looking for that (import from Palm Pre) and import from old PalmOS.

If that becomes available, I'm up for upgrading to a paid sub right away. Hoping for that is actually what got me into Evernote in the first place.

Don't even need a complete handout. Would be glad if Evernote just had a generic import tool I could use to import a dump from a PalmOS export (.txt) with one or two fields (say, the actual text, and maybe the category, as a tag)

Seems like such a simple generic import tool (vs the two specific ones you now have) would allow many users from many tools to come over, including we new and old palm people.



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"I'm writing a simple tool to do this. It's nearly done; let me know if you're interested in testing it"

I am - I'd like to use Evernote, but I've got hundreds of Palm Desktop (not Pre) notes.

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that worked nicely. Though i would like an option to omit the first line of a memo (and the blank line after it, if any), because it becomes redundant when it is made the title of the note.

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Interesting. I tried that at first, but it's not always possible to use the entire first line as the title (Evernote has a limit on the title length, Palm has no such limit on the length of a line), so doing it that way choked on some of my sample data. I didn't want to get into fancy heuristics on where to split the first line if it doesn't fit.

I suppose I could move the first line to the title if it fits entirely, otherwise keep it in the body and duplicate the part that fits as the title, but that's going to confuse people.

I don't really want to add options to what's currently a simple process.

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So, I'm working on the solution to upload Palm notes to Evernote.

I'm stuck at the loading the EvernotePalmImporter.exe.

Error message: The specified module could not be found. LoadLibrary (pythondll) failed.

Went to Microsoft application support libraries (link) and loaded that program. Restarted, but still getting the same error message.

Tried the next link [ Python: (132KB gzipped tarball).] and my computer doesn't recognize what application to associate it with....so I think I'm stuck, any ideas?

Looks like a great program, wish I could use it.

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Sorry, I don't have any idea why you're getting that LoadLibrary error message. If you want to try installing software on your computer so it knows what to do with the smaller source version (the gzipped tarball), you would want to:

- install WinZip (http://www.winzip.com/index.htm). This will let you open the .tar.gz file (it's similar to a .zip file), and extract the files inside. The important one is EvernotePalmMemoImporter.py, but your computer probably won't know what to do with this one yet either.

- install Python (http://www.python.org/download/). Grab the 2.7 version.

- install wxPython (http://downloads.sourceforge.net/wxpyth ... 0-py27.exe).

After installing all of these, you should be able to run EvernotePalmMemoImporter.py.

I hope this helps!

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