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Personal Accounts Merging into Business Accounts

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If our company signs up for the business account, what happens to our individual premium accounts? Do they stay separate from the business account?  And, when a user leaves the company, does the information go back to personal premium accounts?


I don't see this an answer to this on the site; specifically about an existing premium users data. I have a request into sales, but I figured I would ask the forum to give me a vantage point from real users. 

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If I understand correctly and take my example as part of the reply...  It might help??


I have an Evernote Personal account for many years.  Works fine.


I have created an Evernote Business account for our company.


In my opinion neither of the above are related.  If you have some good Notebooks in your Personal account that you would like in EN Business to be either Personal (within EN Business) or Business shared you are best to export from your Personal EN and then import to EN Business.


Now if I have an employee that leaves, I think the question will be what happens their Personal Notes / Notebooks inside the EN Business account?  They stay there from what I see.  The person leaving could export the Personal notes for them to bring with them.  You then or the EN Business Admin uses the Admin Console to (i) Revoke that users access and (ii) deletes the account and or their Notes / Notebooks.


That's my 2c.


Would love to know what the official reply is.

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Personal Notes and Notebooks stay separate to the Business, so no problem there. Obviously you need good housekeeping when saving Notes to make sure they go in the correct location when you email them, but that is straightforward.


When an employee leaves a company they keep all of their personal Notes and Notebooks but are removed from the company account. Works very simply.


Best regards



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