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Feature Request! When moving notes from one folder to another preserve list location


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My topic title probably doesn't explain this well but here is my feature request.  This is on the windows client.



When I move a note from one notebook to another (for example I have an "input" notebook and a notebook for "active tasks") the original notebook immediately scrolls to the top of the list after I move each note.  I want the list to remain in position and not have to scroll through all of my notes again to find my place.



The reason this happens is that I dump everything into an "input" folder.  As I scroll through that notebook I find notes that need to go into other notebooks.  Whenever I move a note from my "input" notebook into any other notebook the "input" list immediately resets to the top.  This is frustrating when you have a notebook with 50-100 notes as you have to scroll through the list again after each note moves to find your place.


I hope I explained this well enough-- please let me know if you need more details.


Would be AWESOME if notebooks had a "preserve location in list when moving notes from this notebook to another notebook" list!

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I second this motion. This time for Mac. (I'm currently running EN 6.0.8, Mac OS 10.9.5.) Without this, un-cluttering notebooks--namely the .Inbox--that has many, sometimes hundreds, of notes by moving said notes to other notebooks becomes a much harder task. Please help, Evernote devs?


Why have we seen no response from EN on this topic, after close to ~1.5 yrs?

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It's possible to get around this by using tags - as you go through your main list of notes,  just apply a tag for the notebook to which it should be assigned.  Use a unique common leading character for your tag like "X-<notebook>" - it'll make it quicker to find the necessary tags,  and there's a search reason which will become clear...


Scroll down your notes,  tagging appropriately,  and when you've finished (or had enough),  search for "X-*" to see all the notes that need moving.  View in List view and sort on Tags,  then select all the notes for one notebook and Move;  then the next...


May be a little longer winded than just dragging,  but its a lot less frustrating...

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That's helpful, thanks. Not optimal, but it seems like a viable workaround to get by. However, I expect extreme efficiencies for my large (sometimes *huge*) paperwork-processing workflow. EN's not yet fully enabling this.


To clarify for EN folks - it's important I get this feature/fix. I suspect you can't comment on future implementation in these forums, but if you can: is this feasible, and in what timeframe?


And to further clarify, I rarely "drag and drop"--I'm a hyper-efficient keyboard jockey, and I only use the mouse as a last resort, and begrudgingly at that. EN, in various ways, hasn't yet optimized for users like me, which seems a bit odd for the size of the user base, unless EN isn't as popular as I thought. The development to support "all keyboard workflows" does not seem difficult, at least per my experience doing the same in other applications. It seems more about product-management/engineering priority. Pls advise if you need references.


Thanks again gazumped for your help.

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Agreed, it is a PITA when after editing a note focus goes to the top of the list.  If there's logic to this action it escapes me.


IAC to ease the pain, I would take a look at what it is that makes you want to go back to the same position in the note list.  Could a change of sort sequence, a search to shrink the number of notes in the context, whatever, help?  And there is the old adage that in-boxes that get too full can become inefficient of their own nature.  If the notes are getting to the inbox through mail have you considered adding notebook and tags to the email subject when you send them?


You are not a keyboarder but for those who are that read this, you can click on the next note when the note edit is complete and kind of stay in the same place, list scrolls but you have the same adjacency.

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