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Find a string in all my Evernotes and easily browse all hits?


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Hi, I have an issue that could be due to lack of understanding of the GUI.


Let's say that I want to search all my notes for a string. I type it in and get hits in 8 out of 16 notes. Evernote will highlight the hits in yellow for me in each note.



How do I quickly skip from one hit to another within each note? Having to scroll through very long notes is cumbersome and I can easily miss an important hit.


In this example from Notepad++ I see all hits, in which document and can click on each hit to get transferred to that location within the text. This is a log file example but I keep a lot of normal notes and need to quickly find things quite often.



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Within a note, use Ctrl+F, Ctrl+G, and Ctrl+Shift+G to navigate occurrences of a search string (See Edit / Find and Replace). Unfortunately, from an Evernote search, the search text (which may be multiple, or use tags, notebooks, dates, etc.) is not automatically used by in-note search. You'll need to retype it there.

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Back on the same topic. Are there any plugins to e.g. Google Chrome that could give me the "find and show all hits (even in context)" like my screenshot above?


Right now it does not feel optimal when trying to find things. Maybe I am picky or used to other things, have used Evernote for quite some time though.

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