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Multi-page PDF imported as single page

Andy in NZ


I've randomly started having a weird issue when using my Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M with Evernote.


I use the scan direct to evernote functionality, and scan double sided, colour PDFs with multipage as a singe file.  ScanSnap saves the PDF in my iMac folder as a single PDF with multi pages but when it's automatically imported into Evernote each page has its own note.


Previously I had no issue with this, and no settings have changed.


The radio button selecting multipage PDF is correctly selected.


If I manually import the scanned PDF files from the folder on my iMac, they create as a single note with multiple pages.


Any ideas what I might have wrong here?




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Hi - welcome to the forums.


Sounds like a software glitch of some kind,  certainly.  If no-one comes back with a more coherent suggestion,  my vote would be to uninstall/ reinstall your scanner,  and if that doesn't work,  uninstall the scanner,  then uninstall/ reinstall Evernote (read up in the forums for how to do that safely for your specific OS) and add the scanner back as a last step.  You might also want to file a support request (see below) just in case all that doesn't work...

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I'm seeing this too, but only on my mac, not when I scan to Evernote on my pc. I've got a Fujitsu S1300. Hope it gets fixed soon.



Not sure that anyone is sure yet what needs fixing - have you submitted a support ticket? (see below)

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