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(Archived) Evernote - Page Camera - OCR Results - Search only works on whole words


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I noticed that when I use the Page camera, that I can't search for parts of the words found n the OCR results.

For example, I took a picture of a receipt from "Roman's Pizza" and I could not find it when searching for "Roman" nor Roman*" but I found it when searching for "Roman's" and "Pizza"

Since the wildcard search is suggested by Evernote, I would have expected that it would find the note, but it did not.

Is this possibly a Premium feature?


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Hi,  welcome to the forums.  Evernote search has some -differences- between devices,  so you need to adjust your expectations accordingly but there are no extra bells and whistles for Premium,  what you see is how it (currently) works.  In the case you quote I think I'd tag the note with 'food' or 'restaurant' or some such..

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