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HELP: Authorization failure

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There is always a pop-up window prompting me to enter a password. The window says "You must authorize this computer to connect to your Evernote account."


I tried my password for Evernote signin, but it does not work. Anybody knows what am I supposed to put in there? How to get rid of this window? Thanks!!!

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I think we need to know what version of Evernote you're using (Mac / Windows / Android / iOS) and when this window appears - when you start the computer,  when you start Evernote..  a screenshot of the pop-up may help.

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So I did some searching through the forums and this is the only thread resembling my problem. So maybe I can add the requested details. 


It seems I cannot authorize a thirdparty app (MapClipper)

Upon clicking to save a map, I get a request to authorize. 

After filling in my credentials, I get "Incorrect username and/or password."


However, I have all sorts of Evernote everywhere and can sign into everything just fine. 

I have 5.6.4.xxxx installed on this PC, have an iOS version and a Mac version. I am signed into the evernote via web using Chrome browser.

All signons are via a password manager, so I know the passwords are correct. 

I've even run into scenarios where pasting into password fields causes issues, so I have manually typed the password... 


I have had success with other third party apps such as ifttt. 


Any thoughts, assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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