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(Archived) I would love to use my Samsung Galaxy SIII mini


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I have a simple problem. Either I can or I can't.

I have an iPad with Evernote. It works fine. It also works fine on the laptop. However, on my phone, which is my everything tool in class, I can view, but it tells me that "this version of Evernote doesn't support inline editing of webclips."

If the text is already there, from my laptop or ipad, then I can edit it. However, I have been unable to enter text. Am I missing something? Or is it not possible on the mini? If it is possible, can someone please tell me what secret technological handshake I need to know?


John Guerin

LTjg USN ret.

7,8 Science teacher

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Hi welcome to the forums.  And your problem isn't quite so simple - the answer is "you can,  sometimes".  As you noted it depends where the note was created and what the content actually is.  


The Android app doesn't have the ability to add to or edit some content,  so when you hit this restriction all you can do is create a new note with the same title (copy and paste will work) and make your notes there.  When you get back to another device that has more editing resources,  you can do whatever's necessary then.

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