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(Archived) Additional Encryption security for premium users>?

Sugeeth Krish

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"We'd be interested in offering something stronger in the future when we have the staffing to fight the lengthy export battle, but Premium users can currently use an external encryption solution to encrypt important files and then add these encrypted into Evernote."



Can someone please clarify the meaning of this statement? Apart from the "Encrypt Selected Text", which is common for both Free and Premiium users, is this trying to tell that important stuff be encrypted externally using systems like TrueCrypt before they are added to EVernote? ( Even Free users should be able to do this !! )  or is he meaning something else?


Can someone please clarify?


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I think this means that you can add encrypted files as attachments to EN.


In the past, only Premium-users were able to attach all filetypes to EN, Free-users only could attach some filetypes. So only Premium-users were able to attach for example a TrueCrypt-container. This restriction for Free-users doesn't exist any more...

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