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mac Local Storage


I'm simply amazed at your CEO's performance.  One journalist  berates Everynote and you will jump thru hoops to mollify him.   How many times have we uses of the original Skitch made criticisms here in this forum and been brushed off.   Heck, I just got a survey from you on Evernote Clipper.   Why not listen to Skitch users too?


I have always advocated a return to local storage for images captured with Skitch.  I don't share your vision of my image in the 'cloud'.   The NSA may appreciate how easy your make it to snoop on me but I don't.   It used to be that I could save them to disk with a file save pane, not by drag and drop. 


If you want feedback to make Skitch better, please restore the original behavior for Macs.


The other feature I long asked for, the blur feature, did get added when users sought it.  So, hopefully this request will also be considered and restored.



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