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Fujitsu S1500 Scansnap via Mac 10.9 or Windows 7 ?

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I own a Fujitsu S1500 Scansnap, i'd like to set it up to scan and automatically put the documents into evernote as simple and effective as possible...


I have a Macbook Pro with Mavericks 10.9 and windows 7 as well as a office desktop with windows 7, so wondering what advantages between using either OS would make any difference...


Can the S1500 be as easy as the Evernote Edition scansnap ?


Basically I want to scan all my purchase invoices from utility bills to shopping receipts for my business and able to find them on ipad/ iphone app and some kind of organisation on evernote when it scans them into evernote 



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it would be nice if i can put different documents into my scansnap and it would separate them into evernote   


Don't think that's going to be possible,  though the Evernote Edition version does recognise different formats like business cards / letters and such.  I have an S1500 and would quite like the EE version for its extra bells and whistles.  If you have the choice..


Don't want to rain on your parade,  but scanning is never as simple as loading up a document feeder and coming back later..  no matter how good the scanner there will be jams and misfeeds,  and you'll want to be giving your documents a good title - my an example of my standard template is "20140119 - email - evernote - support re scan issues"  (date/ type/ source/ content or comment).  A little care in scanning will make sure you can find anything quickly and easily and without needing too many tags.

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