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Old, non-existent notes still showing up in the Spotlight search index?

Tyler H


Evernote v5.4.4

OS X Mavericks 10.9.1


Hello all, I'm not sure if this issue is on the Evernote side of things or the OS X side of things but I used to have a document in my Evernote called 'bills'. A few months ago I moved that document text into a TextEdit file and saved it on my computer as such while deleting the Evernote note document. It's been like this for the longest time I just now am starting to increase my Evernote usage again so I am noticing it again but when I search via Spotlight in OS X it is still indexing a note in evernote called 'Bills' (the old document that doesn't exist in Evernote anymore) and when I click to have it open up, the only thing that opens is the Evernote app itself, without opening any specific document... because the one it was going to open (bills) is not there.


Is this an issue with the tags not being deleted with the note and Spotlight is indexing the tag or do Evernote tags only work within the Evernote app? I have not tested this with any other document to see if it is still being indexed. Is this a known issue?

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As you say,  it's not exactly clear whether this is an Evernote issue or an OS issue.  Evernote is doing its but correctly by opening to the main window when it can't find the note that is referenced.  I'd question whether it can be tag-related,  because even if the tag still exists Evernote doesn't (AFAIK) have any cache that would link the tag to all the notes on which it used to be pasted.  I'd suggest trying this out with a new unique tag and a test note,  and once it appears in Finder,  deleting the note.  If the link persists,  delete the tag.  Clear the trash.  If the link still persists,  its to do with Finder.

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