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"Save attachment as" for Android



Hello all, and first of it all apologies if this has been discussed before. I did use the search function but it just hung forever, so here I go.


I am astonished that I can't save an attachment from the Android client. I have a note with a .gpx file - that's a route for a trip.

If I touch the attachment, I get the two options of "opening" and "editing" the file. Neither works for me, because I just want to save it on the local SD and open it with a separate app that is not listed among the choices.


I fiddled with it for several minutes but I could not get my own file on the phone!


Is really that impossible or I am missing something? Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards!

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If the android app recognises the file type of an attachment (like DOC or PDF) it should be possible to open the attachment in any installed app that handles that file type.  However even for PDFs it's not possible to "extract" the file from the note - you'd need to try a PDF reader that will give you a 'save as' option.


It's entirely possible that the GPX file isn't recognised,  but you could try tapping the attachment to 'open' it to see whether you get a "what would you like to open this file with" option.


Failing that,  I'd say submit a support ticket (see below) in case there's something the tech team can do,  and raise this as a feature request (which you just did) so Evernote can look into it further for a future update.

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First of it all, thank you for your reply.

The app I need to open the file with is not among those listed. So I just really want to save my file on the SD card and open it later with the app I want, no matter if it's not bound to that file extension on Android.

Moreover, I really think one should be able to just save whatever own file she wants from her account to her mobile, period, eh. I'll go with the support ticket, but it really blows my mind that this isn't possible already!


Thank you

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Did you get an acknowledgement and a support ticket number at least?  If not,  the report didn't get there for some reason - please retry.  


If you did,  that's at least a start..  plus someone is probably trying to work out whether this is a bug or a missing feature...

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yes, I got the email with the support ticket number instantly. Inside of that very email there was written that being I a premium member (I am testing how being a member is for a month, but hey!) I would had got a reply in a business day... was perhaps an holiday yesterday in the US?


Thanks for caring!

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Hello, here's my update.

I wrote to complain because I got no reply after three working days. They sincerely apologized for the delay. 

The problem is that they just replied that no, it's not possible.

I'll check out Gangun's workaround (thanks for that!), although I don't really like to require an extra app (I hope without odd permissions...) to handle such a basic feature that should be really built in in the app, in my humble opinion.


Cheers, thank you. 

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Am I missing something or is it as simple as opening the appropriate note, pressing the 3 dots at the bottom right, pressing 'Save Attachements', choosing the appropriate file and pressing 'ok'? This puts the file in a 'downloads' folder on my phone, that I could then get at from another app.

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Doh!  Good catch there - if you click on the attachment first,  you only get a "save to downloads" option,  but that still does the job.  I never had cause to use the 'save attachments' option,  but its definitely there...

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