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Which account type for easy switching

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I am a small business owner with 2 employees,  We each have a Free personal Account app on our iPhones and Mac desktops that we use.  I am happy to pay to create a Business or Premium account just want to determine one of them will function as I hope.  I have read the blogs and am still unclear.  


If I create a Premium account for work content that I am comfortable with everyone seeing, I want all of us to be able to toggle back and forth between our Free personal accounts and our one shared work account.

  1) is this possible?

  2) is it a toggle, or do we have to log out of one and log in to the other? total pain

  3) If I create the premium or business account and give them the login, will we all be able to access the one work account from our different free personal accounts?

  4) do I need premium or business for this (I have read and understand the other distinctions for upload limits, etc.)


I am so frustrated as I can usually read thru blogs and educate myself but this simple bit of clarity has eluded me.  I hope i have asked clearly?  Thanks!

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A premium account lets you switch rather swiftly between two accounts without having to re-sign-in all the time. I believe this works so long as at least one of the accounts set up on the desktop is premium. That means, if you have three accounts you want to switch between, only one needs to be premium. 


It is more like a "toggle" and not like logging in and out. 


If you create a premium or business account, the notebook sharing options should preclude the need to share a single account. As the administrator of a business account, or owner of a premium account, you can share notebooks that your employees can access and contribute too through their own accounts. 


The reasons to avoid having multiple people share a single account are manifold:

  • At the least it is not terribly secure and means that you cannot choose who has and has not got access to any given note. 
  • If an employee totally bungles something, you do not know who it was who did it. 
  • If an employee leaves your company, you'll have to change the password on the shared account. This is a real drag since al your other remaining employees will have to get used to this new password too.  (If you use your premium or business account, you can just revoke any given user's access). 

Here's my suggestion:

1) Free users can share 1 notebook with edit priviliges. Why not give this a go at first with your employees and see how this works. 

2) If (1) works well, buy one month of premium for yourself to give you increased notebook sharing. 

3) If you find you need more administrative power, more quota, etc, then go business. 


Whatever you do, I STRONGLY discourage you from having a single shared account. 

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I think you can only have one free account on your computer, but you can have as many premium and business accounts as you like. Your plan would work in theory, but besides the points raised above, it will surely create sync conflicts. If you need real-time, simultaneous editing of content, Google Docs might be a more appropriate solution. On the other hand, if you have static content (manuals, forms, policies, meeting minutes, etc.) or people working on their own notes (even in the same notebook), but not working on each other's notes, then Evernote will work really well.

I'd recommend one premium or business account sharing notebooks to the other employees.

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