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Notes not saving and/or locking up - using web client

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For the last several weeks- randomly get lock ups or lost data - various different problems


I create a note, and over the next period of time, from a  minute to an hour, add additional lines, and assume it being saved every few minutes, then find I lost the whole note


I create a note and it refuses to add content at  the bottom, but allows changes to the first part  of the body, the only solution is to copy the content to a new note and then delete the first one


I create a note and enter a title and am unable to enter any body text


I create a note and enter data, then get worried that its not saved, and click on an another note, and it stays on the new note - I bring up evernote desktop and sync and it  only has the title of the new note - showing that the body was never saved


For all criitical notes -  I now am forced to bring up evernote desktop and sync, and if it fails, then copy and paste content as a  new note - very very frustrating


Windows XP/FireFox

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Hi - it sounds like you're using the web version of Evernote in preference to the desktop version,  and while it should be saving your content that might be affected by your internet connection - are you using a work-based computer,  or your home connection?  


I'd suggest raising a support ticket now (but bear in mind the team work weekdays,  PT) and as you already appear to be doing,  if you're building up content over a period,  use a word processor or text editor to generate the content (that'll save locally) and then either copy the file into Evernote or cut/ paste the content.


You could also try a different browser to see if that makes a difference.


Sorry not to be more helpful!

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