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what's the function of "updated from social search" ?

Jimmy To

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That is sort of a bug. Those are for what we're calling "Contacts Notes" where after you scan in a Business Card from the ScanSnap Evernote Edition, we will go and make it a richer note by pulling in information from LinkedIn. Even if we don't get any information from LinkedIn, we'll at least make the scan prettier and have text that you can copy/paste out of.


The fact that you're seeing it on non-Contact Notes is a bug and we'll fix it immediately

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I for one would find that useful as it enriches all business cards that I scan in with information that costs me much time to acquire otherwise.

But... I can't find out how to use this function. Anyone from Evernote care to elaborate? I'm using the Scansnap software to scan to (an OCR-ed) PDF automatically and place it in a folder that evernote auto-imports. Nothing shows though...

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