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Moving notebooks contained scanned pictures to an external hard drive

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I am trying to free up some space on my MacBook Air and would like to move some of my notebooks containing scanned photos to my external hard drive.  If I highlight the notes/notebooks and try to drag across, they spring back to Evernote again!  Is there a way to move them across please?  I tried to copy onto a USB stick too and was unable to do that either.  Any advice gratefully accepted.




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It is not as straightforward as this, unfortunately. 

All of your evernote notes are stored in a single database file nestled deep in your hard drive (the exact location depends on what operating system you are using). All Evernote content MUST reside in the same place. This means you cannot selectively move some notes here and other notes there


While Evernote offers some basic functionality for storing images, it does not offer a lot of flexibility, and if you are talking about a large quantity of large images, you start running into other hurdles. 


I recommend that for more robust management of (a large quantity of potentially large) photos, you use a dedicated photo manager such as iPhoto (Mac), Aperture (Mac), Picasa (Mac/Win), or whatever Microsoft has on offer. Most of these applications allow you to store files wherever you like, or in multiple locations. 


The downside, of course, would be that most photo management applications do not offer any form of synchronization. Additionally you would need to ensure you have a proper and robust backup scheme for your content outside of Evernote.

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Thank you.  Unfortunately I no longer have the original photos and I scanned them directly into Evernote! Is there a way of copying them from Evernote to iPhoto and then deleting them from Evernote?



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You should be able to select all the notes with images attached simultaneously, right-click, and select "Save Attachments". This will save the attachments to a location of your choosing, which you can then drag and drop into iPhoto or the photo manager of your choice. 


If your notes with images are scattered throughout evernote, try searching:


or, whatever the photo filetype is that you have scanned into (png, gif, nef). 

You can isolate to a particular notebook, if they are all in one notebook:

notebook:pictures contains:jpg

where "pictures" would be whatever the name of the notebook actually is. 

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