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(Archived) Switched to and Android phone


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I've seriously been thinking of switching over to Evernote premium.  Recently I decided to give android a try, and so far I like it with one problem.  It feels like some features I like in Evernote for iOS aren't there for android.  Is there an idea why?  I know device fragmentation is a problem for developers but it doesn't seem like it would be so much for a company like Evernote.  Any ideas?

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The teams that develop the application for each platform are different and work on their own schedules and deal with the unique maintenance challenges of each platform. 


With this in mind, you'll notice, if you fallow the development, that features tend to "leap frog" a bit. Sometimes iOS gets it first, then android, then the desktop, sometimes its Android first, then iOS and so on. 


 This is not specifically about fragmentation necessarily, I think the challenges are likely more mundane than that even.  This is related to a lot of things - some features are easier or harder to implement on different platforms, some platforms may be in a maintenance-intensive phase (such as after a major update), thus delaying the development of a new feature (or porting one over from another platform).


So, the point is, Evernote generally tries to ensure parity across platforms, especially with premium features, though sometimes these things don't happen at exactly the same time (and rarely, don't happen at all).


Is there a particular premium feature that you are referring to?


My advice, if the "dealbreaker" premium feature you need isn't there now, don't buy premium. That is, don't buy a service for what it might be later, pay for what it is now. 

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Yea I agree with everything you've said.  I just figured that with particularly the S4 being so widely spread something like the ability to scan business cards in Hello or the ability to take pics of the Post its would be here like it was there.  Overall it's probably not a deal breaker because in the end I use the mobile apps to absorb info then I organize it on my desktop most of the time.

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