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Can't Scan into Evernote with ScanSnap S1500M

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I have a two-year old ScanSnap S1500M and I'm using a 1-year old macbook pro.  I am using ScanSnap software 3.2 L41.


Up until just recently I had no problem scanning into Evernote.  Now I go through every possible page of the ScanSnap manager's Settings menu and no matter what I pick it just won't scan into Evernote (I've picked "Scan to Evernote (Note)" and Scan to Evernote (Document) and neither works).  


Also, if I put in 3 two-sided pages in my scanner I get six different documents created on my computer.  The way it used to work it just scanned straight into Evernote and everything was saved on one document.  


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