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Issue Expanding the List View


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I am running (270217) Public version of Evernote.  In list view, I dragged the dividing bar upwards so that only the note was showing. Now I can't seem to slide the bar downwards so I can see the list again.  I hover over all the lines I can see, but nothing.  I did a chat with support, but they couldn't figure out and needed to enter a support request.  That was 4 days ago, but I'm hopeful.


Anyone else experience this and get it resolved?


Thanks in advance.

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I can seem to replicate this. But only if I have the search explanation enabled.

If you have that enabled, try turning it off, and seeing if you can grab the border a little more easily.

View -> Show Search Explanation

If not, this is fixable by editing a value in the registry.

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Is anyone else finding it difficult to expand any of the two panes on the left (Sidebar and Note List) because the space between them is too narrow?  I wrote the following to customer service but wanted to see if I was alone in this:


Too much precision is required when placing the mouse in between the Sidebar and Note List, and in between the Note List and Note Editor, in order to expand or contract either window. The space on which the mouse needs to hover before it turns into resizing arrows is too narrow, and it could take a good 30 seconds of moving the mouse around to hit the precise point at which the resizing arrows are displayed.

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