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Skitch Size Restrictions...?

Phil Moore

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There are size restrictions on the note itself, but not directly on the PDF file. A 3.2 MB file would not be restricted unless you are out of upload allowance, but in that case you should get a warning about quota limit reached. My guess is that there is an issue with the PDF file. If you can share it with me, we can take a look at the file and see what is going on.


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Lester, many thanks for the prompt reply.  


Is it best to open a case and send the files for review?  


They would have some sensitive information and I don't really wish to post publicly.  I understand the reply, and the quota is OK also.  Summary again:


I have 4 files of approx size 3Mb say, I mark each one up with Skitch and then try to combine in one PDF and doing both the markup proved problematic with hanging and sync issues and then the option to "Markup entire PDF" just kept bombing and it finally managed to do something but to my annoyance on the first page when none were selected therefore all should have been combined for one PDF.

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