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(Archived) exporting notes


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This comes again from the German Google+ Evernote group.


Someone has problems to export his 9500 notes.

After 700 notes the export crashes or freezes. I know makes no difference but that's what was stated.


So he tried to resync from the debug menu and it took just 24 hours to do so, but he said 10 notes were not synced.


Unfortunately he doesn't know what he lost.


Also is there some way to get a backup of his notes?

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  1. Exporting isn't the ideal backup system - better to copy the database folder,  or at least the EXB file in that folder.  In Windows this should be at C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases


  2. It should be easy to tell if notes have been synced from the database currently installed on the Windows machine - check in list view for the 'dot' in the Sync column.
  • Unless there's a current database (or a backup) on another local device,  there's no way to restore notes that may have been 'lost' in the reindex process.  If those notes had already been uploaded it would be possible to rename the current EXB file and allow Evernote to rebuild the synced notes from the online database.  It would be possible to refresh the existing database by: 
    • exporting any currently unsynced notes from the local device to a desktop file (do that notebook-by-notebook because the export file doesn't record which notebook notes are from)
    • exiting Evernote completely
    • renaming the existing EXB file (to BXE?)
    • Revo uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote
    • logging in with the existing user name and passord
    • allowing the server to repopulate the database
    • re-importing the exported notes back into their respective notebooks

 - All of which takes some time and (in my experience) copious quantities of your beverage-of-choice.


AND it's a good idea to keep regular backups in future,  just in case...

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