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Suggestion: swiping between notes



Hi, I'd like to make a suggestion for mobile platforms, in particular for Android, which I use.

I often find myself wanting to quickly flick through a series of notes in a notebook on my phone. It would be very convenient if you could swipe left/right to switch between the available notes.

Currently you have to tap back and forth between notes and notebook to do this, which is much less efficient.

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I imagine the original thinking was either 1that notes would be completely unique - the only connection between each one being the date on which they were created - so flicking between them wouldn't be necessary;  or that this feature simply never occurred to anyone and wasn't built in as standard.  Certainly I don't flick between notes - I'm usually looking for the one note I need,  and a search (or two,  or three) will get me there.  But I can see how this could be useful.

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Thanks for the feedback.


Swiping to flick screens may not have been technologically possible when Evernote was first released on Android. The feature has however become more and more common in recent years, and is now standard in many major Android apps, e.g. Gmail, Google Calendar, Tasks, just to name a few.


I can think of many use cases when this is useful in Evernote; for example a diary/journal, with one entry per note; a collection of recipes, one recipe per note; scanned receipts, one receipt per note; and so on.


In fact most of my notes and notebooks are deigned like that, one notebook per topic, and individual notes for each entry on that topic. So I don't understand your description of notes as being "unique", in other words unrelated. I could see that if you have just a single note for all you recipes, and a single note for your entire diary, a single note for all your receipts, and so on, flicking between notes might not be useful. However, in my experience notes become horrendously large and difficult to manage with that type of approach.

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Yeah I can see that - I tend to put everything except something I'm working on or something I'm sharing in the same notebook - hence contiguous notes could be recipe / letter / picture of cinema ticket / receipt / recipe...


If I'm interested in recipes I search for intitle:"recipe" and "beef" (or whatever's appropriate) and browse the titles.


However:  whatever works is good;  lets hope the devs think this isn't too hard...

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Oh yes! 

I want Evernote to be as much like a real physical notebook as possible plus all the features we love of the digital age. 

Take a glance at Amazon kindle or - even better - at Google Play Books. I love it's "haptic" experience when flicking through the pages. That's awesome! That's what I want.

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