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Line Spacing

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Note, I use only the web browser version of Evernote.


While editing notes (lists, mostly), the line-spacing, seemingly randomly, increases.  The only way I've found to remove it, is deleting the paragraph break between lines, then Shift + Entering.  However, this merely moves the abnormal line spacing down to the next line.  I must repeat the process throughout the entire note, and even then, I haven't truly removed the unusual line-spacing; I've moved it to the bottom of the note.


This has been an issue for three years, as far as I know; maybe longer.  Why not set some time aside and overhaul the entire text editor?  Additional features are great and all, but when the core text editor doesn't function properly, I question priorities.  This is my biggest issue, but it is certainly not the only instance in which formatting arbitrarily changes without my doing.


Is there a better way to remove the line-spacing?  Some of my lists are hundreds of items long, with unique a URL attached to each line item, therefore I cannot simply remove all formatting in an attempt to remove unwanted line-spacing.

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