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In need of a simple mapping tool that tie notes to a specific geographic location


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I am wondering if anyone has developed a simple mapping tool that allows me to take my existing notes and pin them to places on a google map as outlined in the discussion here: 




As highlighted in the example.  If I'm at my home and typing up a nice note about the coliseum in Rome, I want to fly into Rome and look at my phone and see on the map where I am vis a vis the note that I created for the coliseum and any other historical places I might want to visit. 


I'm picturing a batchgeo that has evernote notes accessible on the pins.  It can't be that hard to make--right? 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Anyone have anything coming down the pipeline for this capability? 







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How do you think about  the way like http://youtu.be/wvAvLRfSHkk    ?

This is the 3rd party iOS APP GoLater  for Evernote, supporting Apple Maps and Google Maps.

You can have a single notebook map or create a trip map easily by GoLater.  

You need to pay a little for Google Maps add-on, however, Apple Maps are available for free.

Free Download here https://itunes.apple.com/app/id665692933



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