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(Archived) Weird scrolling problem with


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I just installed the prerelease version and am seeing very bizarre scrolling behavior.  I run a dual-monitor setup with Evernote opened full-screen on the second monitor.  Anytime I place the cursor (on either monitor) in the upper 5% or lower 5% of the monitor window (doesn't seem to matter which application has the focus on the monitor), the note tags in my Evernote window begin scrolling.  They scroll upward when the cursor is placed in the lower 5% and upward when cursor is placed in the upper 5%.  In effect, when I go to click a button on a toolbar in an application opened on the first monitor, my Evernote window (on the second minitor) begins scrolling.  Sort of creepy but mostly extremely irritating.


UPDATE: A restart of Evernote fixed the problem. It seems as if it only happens after the application install completes and the updated version is opened for the first time. Close and reopen Evernote and the problem goes away.

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